Kayak-ON – June. Jackson. Balaton.


Summer is here. 30 ºC and even higher.
Even without a thermometer we can feel the harsh midday sun burning our skin.
Sunscreen, sunglasses, long shirt and ice-cold beer are a must….


As water temperature is getting higher bleaks are making a pilgrimage to their spawning places.
Reeds and pavings are alive with thousands of baitfish.


I do not have to say that asps are great fans of this spread table.

After checking my calendar I spent my days chasing asps on Lake Balaton with guests and friends on the clear blue water.
(15 days on water in June.)


When finding the right spots we could enjoy pretty good fishing,
but a great kayak trip with one or two stray fish is guaranteed.
I had only a few days without fish when the weather was too bad or the “certain” spot was empty…


In early July mass spawning is near to end, “feeding frenzy” is almost over,
we have to work hard for each fish,
but this will be a new story…


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