Gap Year Highlights: Video

Well, I have just started my first year of college at Boise State University after a gap year from high school. I am very happy with my decision, as it lead to my best year of paddling in 2015/2016! I met a lot of great new friends, paddled in amazing locations, and did well in many different events. Some notable highlights from my year off include:

1st Place 2016 GoPro Mountain Games Steep Creek
1st Place Junior 2015 USA Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials
2nd Place Junior 2015 ICF Canoe Freestyle World Championships
Top 5 finish at North Fork Championship X2
6th Place The Green Race Longboat
Semi Finalist at Sickline Extreme Racing World Championships
World Paddle Awards Junior of the Year Nominee
Canoe & Kayak Magazine Male Paddler of the Year Finalist

It has been a really tough transition back to school so far after basically 3 years out of a normal school setting (Junior and Senior year of high school +gap year), but I am very grateful for all the opportunities and accomplishments I have had. I’m still going to travel while being in school, making sure my teachers work with me, so I can still live the dream! Looking forward to Adidas Sickline Race in just over 5 weeks!!

Alec Voorhees

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