Summer Surprise

Just when I thought the summer blues were here for a while, rainstorms swept overhead producing heavy rains. I watched the Cedar River swell to spring time flows in what is usually the hottest, driest time in Iowa. Exciting to watch the gauge rise and I’m grateful to be able to enjoy the high flows with such warm, beautiful weather too.


Marty throwing a loop in Exit Exam at Charles City Whitewater during the recent great water levels.

Another superb surprise along with the water was meeting new friends! TJ and Kate stopped on their way through from Idaho to Connecticut. It was a delight to paddle with them at my local whitewater park.

2 TJ

TJ throwing down at Charles City Whitewater.

TJ was throwing down loops and back stabs in his Rockstar and Kate, fairly new to playboating, was laying down some solid carves and side surfs in her Rockstar.

3 Kate

Kate surfing at Charles City.

It’s always icing on the cake to meet rad new paddling peeps while enjoying prime water levels.


TJ, Kate, Marty, and myself.

So if you suffer from water-induced blues, or lack there-of, just remember a few things.

• Continue to be ever-hopeful for that one rainstorm, it could be a big game changer!

• Enjoy the anticipation, be in the moment, and cherish the connections made.

• Gratefulness goes a long way, be open to the surprises and remember to soak up every drop.

5 Self

-Hannah Ray J

Photos by Marty Colbert and myself.

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