2016 World Cups Argentina

The 2016 World Cups of Freestyle Kayaking are soon to be underway here in Argentina.
This year they are being held in San Juan, a beautiful and very hospitable area in Argentina. The country is putting big efforts into these events and immersing us in their local culture including festivals, wine tours, exploring national parks, sharing Mate and so much more!

All the athletes are staying together in Hotel la Troja, a cute little hotel in the capital close to everything.

The feature here is amazing to say the least. It is a small hole that is not too powerful, however strong enough to help your tricks soar.
It is not overly retentive which makes it easy to maneuver in, however this can mean a quick flush when caught off guard.
Also the air is hot but the water is cool making for perfect body temperatures while training.


Everyday at the river we have locals run, bike and drive down, greeting us with Mate (a local drink to be shared) and taking photos.

Every few days more athletes are arriving and things are starting to get real. I am absolutely loving being back in a play boat everyday as studying this year has limited my kayaking time unfortunately.


Stay tuned to keep up to date with this years world cups and all the action!
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