Milo’s Jackson Kayak Skipper Independence.

My son Milo enjoys independence. He started school this year, looks forward to driving legally in eleven years, and paddling solo now. We celebrated his 5th birthday in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Harlan County Kentucky. I enjoyed childhood independence roaming the mountains, and streams of Cranks Kentucky. I was excited to share my old stomping grounds with Milo. Jackson Kayak introduced the Skipper kid sized kayak to the family kayaking fleet for 2016. Happy birthday Milo. We added the Skipper to our family fleet. I turned Milo loose paddling his Skipper at Cranks Creek Lake, and he loved it. Catch me daddy, if you can.

JK-Cranks-Lake-001 JK-Cranks-Lake-002 JK-Cranks-Lake-003 JK-Cranks-Lake-004 JK-Cranks-Lake-005 JK-Cranks-Lake-006

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