Exploring Skinny Creeks


Have you ever been on a river fishing trip and noticed a creek along the way, but did not put much thought into what might lurk further up, or how deep the water is? There are a few rivers that I have been visiting on a regular basis since I have gotten into kayak fishing a few years ago, and for the first few trips I honestly did not put any thought into exploring any of the creeks that filter into any of them. The thought I had on skinny creeks was that the water was not deep enough, so there is no way that they could possibly hold giant fish like the large main river pools do.


As I kept paddling the same rivers time and time again, I really started wondering what was further up these creeks that poured into them. With the fire growing, Google Earth became a great resource; it allowed me to explore the terrain further up. First I looked for public access points like bridges, roadside tables and of course private property owned by people I knew; this was the beginning of the awesomeness to come. 

The next task on hand for tackling new, or at least new to me, was to pick the correct kayak for snaking down these super skinny waterways. Some very capable kayaks for shallow creeks are the Coosa, Coosa HD and SUPerFISHal, just to name a few. I have been paddling all three of these kayaks on a regular basis, and am currently in the original Coosa. The Coosa really excels in the creeks that I have been exploring here in the Central portion of Tennessee, as it is nimble enough to maneuver around rocks, logs and other obstacles in small rapids and shelfs. 
The next task at hand is to of course get some fish into the kayak once the journey has been plotted and permission has been granted to get into the creek, if needed. Not all of the creeks that I have explored have been great, but some have been totally amazing. So in short, do explore these tight waterways, you just could be rewarded with some creek monsters and some beautiful scenery.


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