New Playspot on Payette River – Video

While the fall low levels in Idaho do not typically have the best whitewater, there are still definitely still some decent options to get on the water. Last weekend I rallied the 5 and a half hours after school for a weekend mission and went for some waterfalls over in White Salmon, Washington. I was able to get a lap on the Green Truss Friday and Sunday, and do some serious free fall on Saturday, running Rock Creek (35 footer, and 60ft Money Drop) + Eagle Creek (30ft Punchbowl Falls and 80ft Metlako Falls). 

This weekend however I stayed around Boise and went up and did the Canyon Section on the South Fork of the Payette River, which is some low water class III, with Big Falls. Big falls is a class V rapid with a series of 4 drops that is unrunnable at summer flows, but a super fun rapid to run in the fall, and probably the best rapid around Boise this time of year. Downstream of Big falls, I have noticed a feature the last couple of years that always looks very promising, but since I am in a creek boat I haven’t been able to take advantage of it. So Sunday I decided to head up and find a pull out just upstream of the spot, and hike down into the Canyon. 

Turns out that hole is one of the best non-whitewater park play holes that I have been to. Eddy access, retentive, a deep spot, and consistent…. what is is there would you want? I have definitely been focusing on a lot of creeking, river running, and racing this season, so my hole boating is pretty rusty, but I was definitely fired up to get back to it! I was able to do most of my tricks, with a few easier combos, but with more sessions I should be able to figure it out some more and shake the rust off. Definitely excited to have a good spot on the Payette during the off season, and head up to the “Secret Stash” as I am calling it;) Hopefully i can make the hour and twenty minute drive up a couple more times before it gets too cold, and get some early practice for the Team Trials next year!

Check out this little video from the first session in a playboat!

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