Reaching for Smallies

In efforts of trying to pack light on kayak creek and river trips, it is possible to leave out some needed items, so I found out a few times this past year. One of the items I left out on some of the skinniest of water was my net, yes, unfortunately so. I honestly thought that there was no way that a net would need to be used in such shallow water. On a river trip this past spring a nice smallmouth crushed my lure while I was working it in the rapids; I was quickly pulled out of the eddy that my Coosa HD was gently tucked into. While drifting quickly towards the next rapid and reeling in the line as fast as possible, this nice sized smallmouth jumped several times. Soon enough I thought that I would have the opportunity to lip the fish, well the line broke right when I almost had my left hand in its mouth. At this moment, I decided to never go on a kayak fishing trip without a net, even a place where you think that it would never get use. On a separate note, I felt bad that this beautiful Smallmouth still had my lure in its mouth; I truly hope this fish was able to shake it free. Long story short, don’t pack too light for a skinny water kayak fishing trip by not bringing a net.

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