Get Them Started Young . . .

This last June, my parents and 15-year old niece came out to visit us for the first time since we had moved to the Pacific Northwest.  What they knew about this area where we lived, were from the many stories we told them; the countless photos of our adventures; and, the numerous video clips of our adrenaline-filled sports.


While my family visited, they requested to ‘get a taste’ of why we love living here and why we choose the adventures we do.  On one particular day, we took my niece, Sunshine, down the Middle section of the White Salmon River.  This is a class III/III+ stretch of whitewater.  Sunshine had never experienced whitewater before so Nate stepped up and took the Dynamic Duo down the river with her.


As I paddled alongside of them, it was so fun to catch a glimpse of all the emotions she experienced.  She was nervous, excited, scared, giggly, confident, quiet . . . all of these emotions were expressed on her face and in her voice, during the short 5 mile stretch.  

sunshine-1 sunshine-2

I give mad props to Jackson Kayak for making a quality boat that can provide a whitewater experience to a complete beginner.  It’s a great tool to use while educating someone about this environment.  Sunshine was able to ‘get a taste’ of what it feels like to splash through rapids, but the boat also provided a comfortable platform to talk about river features, point them out and then experience them  . . . all within just a few seconds.  


Here’s to a fun day on the water and the making of some great memories forever.

Thanks JK,


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