Why we love paddling with Johny Chase

You probably all already know Evan Moore whether you’ve seen his performance at the North Fork Championships, videos of him running the Stikine or the great photos that Eric Parker took off him on their Middle Kings descent. More recently you’ve probably watched the « Return of the Kern » short film. If not WATCH IT.

If you’ve seen the movie you’ve seen Johny and you cannot forget him. The video starts with him getting violently beat down and swimming in one of the huge rapids of the Cataract section of the Kern. We weren’t there but we can assure you that Johny was probably still smiling at the bottom although he just had one of the worst time of his life. 

This is Johny. In the few weeks we’ve got to spend with him in California, I don’t remember turning around at the bottom of a rapid and not seeing him smile. Beside his positive attitude on the river here is a few other things we love about Johny. 
No matter the time of the day Johny is always keen to stop for ice cream
The water levels are great and pretty much every single one of us would be willing to skip our friends wedding to go kayaking, but not Johny.  He is a better friend than us I guess, and would skip a high Sierra Run for a bachelor party. If I ever get married I would probably pick him as one of my bridesmaid since all my other kayaking friends might stand me up to go ran another beautiful river – and I can’t blame them! 
When traveling with Johny you always get good stories. The ones from his adventures with Evan are by far my favorite. These two have a unique friendship and just seeing them together is hilarious. They’ve known each other for years and Evan pretty much thought Johny how to kayak. The hard way though, routing him down big rapids and laughing when he would get stuck in a non-consequential hole. 
People sometimes ask me how is it to travel with the boys. Honestly it’s not much different then going on a road trip with the girls. Honestly it’s not much different than travelling with the girls, especially when Johny busts some princess pop tunes and sings along Katy Perry or T-swift. 
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