Summer Fun in the Southeast

Oh man what a summer to stay in the southeast!

Cheoah, Green Narrows, Rock Island waterfalls. Not to mention Ocoee, West Fork of the Tuck, Cascades and the Upper Nanty. Short Creek, Jones, North Chick.. shall I go on?

Although Boyd and I usually trek out to Colorado for the summer we decided to stay home and mother nature sure did reward us. Now that the summer is wrapping up I can look back on how easy it was for it to pass in the blink of an eye. I got to play my days away in the Antix and the Nirvana as well as my Karma and Rockstar. There were so many boats to play with on so many rivers, it was so hard to choose!
I originally was going to list my top two (because I couldn’t choose..) but it looks like I’ll be listing my top 5 favorite moments of summer boating in the Southeast:

#5- The line of splats had by my entire group on a rock on the Ocoee. Its so much fun to play around in herds of excited boaters.

#4- Solo Hand Paddle the Upper Nanty. There is nothing better than boofing and splatting my way at dusk in my Rockstar on one of the most fun sections of river I know.

#3- Running Vortex/ PFD of North Chick. Not to mention getting to paddle with some JK teammates for the first time. What an amazing and beautiful river!

#2- Waterfall training IN THE SUMMER on the falls at Rock Island. This was where I think I used the Nirvana the most. I dropped the falls over, and over, and over…

#1- The Green Narrows in the Antix. It had been so long since I’ve been on the Green with so much closer to me running consistently. But the Green is one special place so I was happy that my summer finale of kayaking was there, even more so in the Antix.

Most of all maybe the highlight of my summer was getting to do winter runs in the sunshine and warn summer weather. Being able to see so many friends that I haven’t seen in ages on the river, and making new ones in the process. What a great season of fun, lightness, and camaraderie all smushed up into just a few months. Of course boating’s not over for me! I’ll be back on the West Fork and the Green Next weekend, but as the Summer starts to come to an end I’m gearing up for what the Fall is to bring.. such as my PFD of the Gauley, Tallulah, and all of the other classic releases and festivals that come along with it.

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