2018 Alseseca Race

Hey Everyone!
This past January Chad Christopher,Brandon Koch and myself ventured down to Veracruz Mexico to enjoy some warm water, tacos, beer, and best of all KAYAKING! It had goal of mine for a while to do an international paddle trip to Mexico, and I am beyond stoked to get the first one under my belt! While we were there, we paddled sections such as the 7 sisters, fino Bobos, Big Banana, and Road Side. On our last day paddling in Mexico we got to participate in the 2018 Alseseca Race!
The race is on the roadside section of the Alseseca. It is a very low volume and drop pool in nature. Here are several big rapids on this section that demand you being on line. On race day, it was unusualy cold that day, but that didn’t stop all of the locals from coming out and cheering all of the racers on! Chad and Brandon both had very good races, and stayed closed to their set goals. Unfortunately, I had subluxed my right shoulder on day 2 of the trip, and was still trying to recover. My race time was nothing impressive,but I had so much fun being out their competing with everyone!
I think the one thing that stands out to me about this event is how fired up the locals were on the race. The locals arranged a huge after party in the middle of the City, and were excited to show us their culture and way of life. I will definitely be back next year! Special shoutout to Adventurec for hosting us, and making the logistics easy. If you ever have a week off in the wintertime, you won’t be disappointed if you venture down south.
As always SYOTR!
Matt Huddleston

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