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When I first saw the Jackson Nirvana I really wanted to test it becuase it looked so interesting. So I borrowed one and jumped in the next river. I was surprised how nice it was! It felt super controlled and smooth. So I started paddling the Nirvana and went to Chile with it. Doing all the classics in Chile I liked it more and more. Now, after paddling the Nirvana for one year, I love it and I will tell you what is so amazing about this boat:

1. It is fun!

For me, this is the most important aspect for choosing a boat. And since I have the Nirvana I paddle even more because it is much more fun. It is easy to boof, easy to manoeuvre, super smooth, super stable, incredibly fast and has an awesome Skip-Out. Boofing down a river in the Nirvana makes you smile for sure!

2. As fast as lightning!

For sure, the Nirvana is one of the fastest Creekers at the moment, if not the fastest. Not only for racers it is important to have speed. You always want to be fast to get over nasty returns or through big holes. With the Nirvana that’s much easier! And for races it is a weapon, it is so fast and still super easy to controll on max speed. Using the Nirvana I got much faster in racing!

3. Super Smooth!

The Nirvana is so smooth, I love that. It glides over the water, keeps the speed and direction just by itself. Sometimes I try to not use my paddle after a boof and see how long I can go straight. With the Nirvana that is so fun because using your edges you can go straight for a long time. It keeps the speed unbelievably long. The Skip-Out of the Nirvana is just crazy. The moment you land you are already on full speed again!

4. The Boof -Machine!

Got pressure on your blade? Get ready for the take off! The Nirvana is flying. Sometimes you even have to take care to not overboof it! That’s a problem many dream about.

5. Stable!

Surfing a big hole, sometimes unintentionally, you will be happy to have a stable boat. I don’t know how Jackson managed to do this, but the Nirvana is hard to flip but easy to roll. Also the back of the boat is super nice considering stability. It pushs you out of stoppers without tailing (except the stopper is too big of course). Where others flip backwards, the Nirvana jumps out straight and controlled.

6. Plastic and Outfitting

The Jackson Kayaks have a really good plastic! I once landed vertical on a rock from 3 meters and the nose got dented, luckily! It slowed down the impact and nothing happened. I don’t want to imagine what could have happened with a super stiff nose… The dent disappeared after leaving it in the sun for some hours. About the Outfitting: The Nirvana has no screws so it is totally dry! The seat is super comfortable. There is enough place to fix a throwback in front of the seat between your legs. I really like that because you can reach the rope sitting in your boat.

All in all I am really happy to have this boat because it improved my paddling and it is so much fun!

– Andi Brunner

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