Spearfishing California Halibut

I have put in a LOT of time this year either diving off my Kraken, or just jumping in from shore, staring at sand looking for California Halibut.

These fish are delicious, but can be frustrating to hunt as you can stare at miles of sand without seeing any, or you can see one on your very first dive.

Between May and the end of August I managed to spear 24 Halibut and have been super stoked on each and every one.

Diving off the Kraken has been a definite advantage and has allowed me to cover more ground, and keep the fish safe from seals etc. while I continued hunting.

Here is a little vid of some of my favorite footage from this spring and summer: 

And here you can see all 24 halibut that I was lucky enough to harvest.

Thanks for looking!



Comments on “Spearfishing California Halibut”

  1. Steven
    September 5, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Wow! Awesome video! Some video of you out in the Kraken would’ve been cool too!

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