GoPro Mountain Games 2018

This year at the GoPro Mountain Games I got to compete against some of the worlds best freestyle kayakers. I like this competition because it is not divided into classes, all the women compete against each other regardless of their age. This gave me a chance to see how I compared to some of the older, more experienced boaters.

(Picture by Vanessa Houk)

I sacrificed some things before the competition that I believe helped me perform my very best. First of all, I decided not to do the Creek Race because I wanted to save my energy for freestyle. I also spent more time in the hole practicing, than I spent swimming in the pool or running around Vail Village with my friends. And a huge one for me was getting to bed early so that I was up at a decent time and had plenty of energy to last me through the long crazy days.

(Picture by Koby Simonton)

And at first it might sound as though I didn’t have fun but really I just had a different kind of fun. I still spent time with my friends, laughed my stern off and enjoyed every second I spent in the hot tub. But I had as much fun on the water preparing for the competition as I did doing all that other stuff. By taking the small extra steps I accomplished my goal of being on the podium at the GoPro Mountain games. This was something I had dreamed about since my very first competition.

(Picture by Peter Holcombe)

I came in third just behind Emily Jackson and Sage Donnelly and I was perfectly satisfied with that. Who knew a Yeti cooler could feel like the top of the world.

 Katie Fankhouser


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  1. December 10, 2018 at 11:04 pm

    You girls and women continue to inspire me and my daughter! Don’t think for a minute that you are in the shadows, because all fathers with daughters in whitewater are watching! We all are stoked to see you ladies crushing it, and charging and getting some! Send it! Keep going ladies! You are the leaders and the inspiration to the next generation of young female athletes!!!!

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