Epic solo day in the Nirvana

With my friends all busy with their families for the holidays or in Chile living the dream in the even deeper south, I had to step things up alone if I really wanted to go big this weekend. Paddling alone is never something I really recommend and it’s inherently more dangerous because, obviously, there’s no one to bail you out when things inevitably go wrong. If you ever choose such an undertaking, be smart about it and have a phone buddy to call before and after so someone knows when and where to come looking if, or when, you’re stuffed into that pretty little meat grinding sieve all by yourself. That said, sometimes when you know you have the skills and decision making ability to do it safely, it can heighten your senses, increase your focus, and add a level a challenge and reward few will ever understand. I tend to find myself thinking more clearly, feeling more connected, and my lines are just on point when there’s no one else to depend on. The self trust and self reliance that comes with it, bring their own reward, but with the soul searching I needed to do, it just felt right this time. Here is my day of solo soul boating… it was a good one! Don’t try this at home kids!


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