Thomas Neime 2018 recap

We are starting 2019 and all the remembers of the last years are still in my mind.
2018 was a such nice year for me, I started it in Ecuador, just after ending one of the biggest trip of my life : Pakistan. This country have so much rivers to paddle, and the quality of whitewater helped me to progress a lot, I paddled some of the hardest rivers of this country, like the Indus in 7 days, with a super international team. It was the paradise for kayaking, with just one inconvenient : the cold weather, so I moved to Ecuador and Colombia for a warm winter with my new skills from Pakistan.

There I paddled the classics Ecuadorian rivers with my friend Moustik and the magical Cofanes at the Colombian’s border with the Quebec Connection crew. I travelled in Colombia then, paddling some rivers of this magical country and participating at the Samana Festival for the conservation of this wonderful river and environment. During the dry season, with my buddy Charlie, we decided to go to the coast to find some first descent, we discovered a super nice river in class 5 that we paddled from the source to the sea in 10 days with a lot of adventures.

After that I came back in France and participated to the PBR to won a nice 3rd place there. I continued to visit France between work and kayaking in the Alps, paddled around these place, enjoying my trip to won a 2nd place at the first edition of the Ubayak race in June.

The work season started in July and I had to pull my boat at the shed for 2 months, this time let me reflect for the future destinations, I choose Indonesia for Holidays and Mexico and Colombia to paddle then.
October and November were full of kayak for me, I paddled the big waterfalls of the Tlapacoyan area with a French and Canadian crew, we send the nicest runs of this place with a bunch of fun.

We came back with some nice pictures and videos and I chained up with another crew to paddle the best rivers of Colombia, with was lucky with the water levels and we paddled everyday a new river, it was intense but so good.
For the end of the year I met my girlfriend in her country : Ecuador, passing the festivities with her just after taking the 1st place at the Cosanga Slalom Race to finish this year in beauty !

I’m full of hope for this new year of kayaking with nice projects in my mind : explore some unknown rivers of Ecuador before coming back for the French season, and new travels for this autumn!


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  1. Francisco Echeverría
    February 25, 2019 at 4:23 pm

    You are a beast, see you soon Amigo!

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