HERO (River Run/Creek)

HERO (River Run/Creek) Want to push your skills to the next level but struggle to steer a long boat? The Hero is here for you. The boat is as short as some playboats but with soft edges and high volume shape, giving you the stability and rocker profile you would want in a creek boat, but without all the added length. What does that mean? It turns on a dime, is lighter for carrying, and offers a ton of stability thanks to its wide hull. The idea behind the Hero is to make your life easier when on the water. For a new paddler this boat is nimble and incredibly stable so if you are looking for added confidence take a Hero with you. For our skilled boaters looking to make things less about speed and more about sport, the ease of the Hero will keep you entertained on any type of river. Offered in 2 Sizes the Hero and Super Hero.

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HERO (River Run/Creek) - Product Description

Product Features

  • 1  - Instant Maneuverability

    Short length like a play-boat for quick turning and tight quarters
  • 2  - Uni-Shock Bulkhead System

    Absorbs impacts and is more comfortable on your feet
  • 3  - Sure-Lock Back Band System

    For instant adjustibility, comfort and all-day paddling support
  • 4  - Composite Reinforced Hull Support System

    Keeps you hull in shape no matter how many rocks you hit.
  • 5  - Nalgene Bottle  - Nalgene

    American made with a JK logo, this is one water bottle you’ll be able to use for years
  • 6  - Strap on Bulkhead for easy carrying

    This uniquely JK design makes carrying on your shoulder a breeze
  • 7  - Go Pro Ready  - GoPro

    Comes equipped with a mount - just snap your camera in and hit record!
  • 8  - Multiple Grab Handles for Easy Tie Jobs or Safety

    To help protect your investment on or off the water
  • 9  - Short for Easy Transport/ Carrying

    Great for in-car transport and indoor storage for security and simplicity
  • 10  - Stable Hull with Forgiving High Sidewalls

    The wide, tall platform makes it stable whether you are upright or bracing into a curler