The Shredder Team


alexName: Alex Walters
Country: United Kingdom
Age: 15
Favourite boat: small rockstar
Local spot: Hurley Weir
Favourite quote: Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. –Jamie Paolinetti

Alex has been paddling for over four years and freestyle for over three. He loves experiencing new places and pushing his kayaking to the next level through imagination and energy he has for the sport. Off the water Alex enjoys film making – a hobby that emerged from making videos of his kayaking. One of his skill related goals is to be able to perform every move on the freestyle appendix. He is by far one freestyle freak who is blowing away most adults on features.




lotteName: Lotte Rayner

Hometown: Alexandra New Zealand.
Age: 14
Boat: Rockstar Small
Favorite place to paddle: The Kawerau river and the Hawea Whitewater Park
Motto or favorite phrase: Do you want to go on the Trampoline?

Growing up in New Zealand has allowed Lotte to grow up living the outdoor life. With amazing whitewater and starting at a very early age, she has developed to be a fantastic freestyle and slalom kayaker, with a sprinkling of creekboating too. Lotte shreds the trampoline as well as in a kayak which is where she gets her freestyle ability. This kid is going to be one to watch out for in all forms of paddling.





NCraigame: Craig Dahl
Hometown: Jinja,Uganda
Age: 12
Boat: Shooting Star
Favorite Place To Paddle: Nile River
Motto or favorite phrase: Try and Keep Trying

Craig was lucky enough to grow up on the banks of the White Nile , being exposed to world class kayakers from an early age. He learned to kayak with his Ugandan friend Owen Mugogo at aged 9 and they both now work as paddle pickers on the rafting section of the Nile in school holidays , running all the rapids of the Nile’s full day commercial rafting trip , except the rocky Overtime. He loves to go to Superhole for the afternoon , and has made hundreds of foam boaters out of various different types of foam. He also enjoys rugby and has been working hard on his front loop



holdenName: Holden Dewey
Age: 14
Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Favorite Boats: Rockstar (small) Karma (small)
Favorite places to paddle: Pretty much any where with big drops and big boofs
Instagram: holden_dewey
Fun fact: I get kayak and canoe three times a week just with school. French Broad River Academy

“Kayaking is my best friend it’s always there, Present in the moment. Kayaking listens it always has my back no matter what. Kayaking always has the best way to cheer me up. Sometimes we get into a playful wrestling mach (getting worked in a hole). Man kayaking, that guy is cool!” Holden is extremely pumped about paddling, its hard to find anyone else as excited than this kid. Growing up in Asheville NC has allowed Holden to be right in the heart of the paddling scene and has taken trips all over the southeast as well as Costa Rica.


evanName: Evan Villecourt

Country: born in Canada, raised in France, back in Canada asap!

Home: body, Drôme valley, France. Soul : Ottawa river / Canada.

Age: 15

Boat: Rockstar Medium

Favorite place to paddle: my home spot, St Pierre de Bœuf as long as I don’t have the driving license. Soon : the world!

Motto or favorite phrase: “Do or do not. There is no try” (Yoda).

Youtube: Facebook: Evan Villecourt

Evan learned how to paddle with his dad, Paul who is a paddle sports photographer. Born in Québec / Canada, his family moved back to France to live in the Drôme valley. When he doesn’t train on the artificial river of St Pierre de Boeuf, his student life is spent in one of the most famous outdoor schools in France (Die) where he climbs, skis, skates, paddles, runs… all year long in fabulous landscapes. His body trains in France, but his soul has already started to travel! He can’t wait to grow up and discover the paddling world!

KatieName: Katie Fankhouser

Hometown: Lyons, CO


Boat: shooting star (upgrading soon to a small rockstar)

Favorite place to paddle: Saint Vrain River

Instagram: @katie.fankhouser.kayak

Motto/favorite phrase: catch every Eddie surf every wave.

Katie started paddling 4 years ago on the Saint Vrain River which is her favorite river to paddle to this day and where she fell in love with kayaking. She is very eager to train with some of the higher ranking athletes and has paddled numerous rivers around the Colorado area and traveled to Texas to train with team Colorado white water racing. Katie would love to inspire more girls all over to try kayaking and to fall in love with it just as she did. Although her spirit lies on the water she enjoys skiing and running as well. I’m looking forward to kayaking in the future. “Some day I would love to travel for competitions and expand my horizons outside of Colorado.”

KaelinName: Kaelin Friedenson

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Age: 12

Boat: shooting star

Favorite place to paddle: Upper and Lower Gauley

Facebook: Kaelin Kayak

Youtube: Kaelin Kayak

Paddling for: 9 years

My goal for paddling is to have fun, be outside, and  meet new people.

Kaelin is a kid who is all about all kinds of paddling. Freestyle, river running, slalom, about any kind of paddling. He grew up paddling around on the Chattooga and spends a lot of time at the Nantahala, Ottawa and Gauley. This kid is a pocket rocket, a tiny kid with big goals who can tears up the slalom course as well as throws loops in freestyle features. At age 12 he already has more paddling years experience than most as he started paddling just about as soon as he could walk. Prepare to see this kids name a lot as he gets older.

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