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Cruise 10 Accessories and Parts

Fishing/Recreation Fastener Kit


This kit includes basic fasteners and common components found on our fishing and recreational kayaks. This kit includes the items below: (2) - Nut; 1/4-20 w/Black Nylon Cap 18-8ss - 1331 (2) - Nut; 10-24 w/CapNylonLcknut NKM 18-8 SS - 1171 (2) - Nut;...

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Cruise 12/10 Bungee Replacement Kit


If you need replacement or back-up bungee, this kit includes nearly all sizes and lengths of bungee for the Jackson Cruise 10 and 12 (71716). These bungee pieces outfit the gear compartments, paddle holders and most other functional attachments on the...

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Coosa/Cruise 12/Cruise 10 Seat Fastener Kit


If your kayak seat has gotten plenty of love and needs a tune-up, the Seat Fastener Kit (71706) compatible with the Coosa, Cruise 12, and Cruise 10 has all the replacement components you will need to hold the seat firmly in place. This kit includes the...

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