Ashley Bungard

·      Name:  Ashley Bungard
·      Nickname:  Ash
·      Height:  5′ 3″
·      Hometown:  Vergennes, VT
·      Advocate for Which Kayak:  Ibis
·      Why you are so excited about this kayak or what you love about it:  I see the Ibis as a highly attractive option for recreational kayakers and hope to help get the boat out there for people to see…especially as I go paddling by!  The wide cockpit and Elite Seat makes for a casual comfy ride.  The sleek bow makes for a faster ride than I would expect from a standard recreational kayak, without losing any stability that makes it friendly to paddle.
·      How you got into kayaking: The house I grew up in is about 15 minutes away from Lake Champlain, 3 minutes from the Otter Creek and close to many other rivers and ponds.  After trying some of my friends’ kayaks, I decided to get one of my own in college.   I got lessons the first summer with my new boat from a whitewater kayaker that I met through work…who is now my husband.  🙂

·      What rivers we can hope to meet you on:   Who knows where I’ll be!  There are so many options in Vermont, New England and otherwise!

·      One place you hope to take your kayak at some point:  Belize!

·      Something Crazy About you:  We have an odd assortment of pets…we have 9 snakes of various species, 2 crested geckos and a miniature dachshund.

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