Carlos Ares & Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Ares (1974) is an expert in outdoor world with international experience in caving and canoying, As an instructor he spends his time along the year (when not exploring) in teaching hundreds of people how to make these activities funniest and safest. Carlos Rodriguez (1971) is a Biologist and video cameraman; for a long time he worked in different places combining both capabilities, founding in 2006 BICHO Productions and spending most of the summers as River Guide in Spain.


Together they make a Two Team which thinks and lives about all kind of water ways, since Class V+ white waters to long (as much as possible) paddling at the sea or remote rivers. They have made first descents in Europe and Africa, completed long distance sea kayaking in the Norwegian Artic, run rivers along Spain and Portugal… In 2012 they met Canada and paddled 700 km in lakes, rivers and the Ocean in one month.  For 2013 they are focused in the Mackenzie River Project, a 1950 km descent within the wide and wild Northern Territories where they will paddle 2 months until ending their journey at the Beaford Sea, beyond the Polar Circle.


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