Damon Bungard

My fishing career began back before I can remember, but surely evolved from a cane pole and bobber in my ‘PaPa’s Pond’ in South Carolina. I was the kid standing in a rain, fishing a puddle in a road, happy as could be. Childhood summers were spent either fishing our home pond, or picking some other pond in the county, loading up a 4-wheeler and boat, and heading out for a day of chasing a bass big enough to come home and tell stories about. I grew up primarily a warm-water species fisherman, going after various types of bass, sunfish, and catfish, but I can also recall trout derbies with my Grandfather in PA. During my college years my fishing took a back seat to my other outdoor pursuits, namely whitewater paddling. But, it was my whitewater career that would eventually bring me back to fishing. As a kayaking sales rep, I found myself at various events, with a certain amount of free time, either staring at the lake in front of me, or too tired for another run down the river. So, I thought learning to cast a fly rod might be a good way to optimize my time and add a little flavor to the mix. Like learning a new freestyle trick, learning various types of casts soon became addictive.

My favorite fishing platforms are the 2013 Coosa, SUPerfishal and Cuda 12.

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