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My Name is Egoitz and I live in Mungia in the Basque Country.
Mungia is surrounded by a small river known as “Butron river”.
When I was a child, I catch my first eels, carps and trouts in that river. That´s the place where I learned how to fish, and of course, where I got hooked on fishing.
Years latter I started fishing on the beach, trying to catch a bigger fish. which was very hard work… Always it´s fun when I remember my first reel, rod, line and hooks used to go fishing to the sea.
The nearest sea from where I live is the Cantabric sea, and is located 12 km far.
The Cantabric sea, is in the north of Spain.
Nowadays is where I go fishing, the temperature of the water is quite cold, and in winter time is easy to find rough seas, so before I go fishing I have to check very well the weather forecast, my safety equipment and of course my Kayak.
The bottom of our sea is a mix between rocks and sand.
In addition we have many estuaries all over the coast, that point is very interesting because we can find a wide variety of fishes in our waters.
I really like doing kayaking because when I am paddling makes me feel a cocktail of amazing feelings, and when you add fishing to the shaker everything takes another dimension hard to explain but very recommended to experiment.

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