Chris Fowler

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. The beach and fishing have always been a HUGE part of my life. 10 years ago I moved to Austin Texas and had to make the full transition from Saltwater angling to Freshwater. It was a steep learning curve but after a few years or so of trial and error I finally figured out how to catch the Largemouth Bass
on a consistent basis. I spent a few years walking the banks of Town Lake and realized bank stomping just wasn’t going to  cut it anymore so I went out and purchased a Jackson Big Rig. I’m a big guy so the Big Rig seemed to be the only viable option. I simply can’t imagine being in any other kayak
at this point.

Over the past three years I’ve been chasing Kayak fishing tournaments across the US and have put ole Bertha (my Big Rig) through some tough beatings on some of the best bodies water this country has to offer. When I began my journey into Kayak Fishing one of the first goals I set for
myself was to become part of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team. Today I am extremely excited to announce that I’ve reached this goal and joined the ranks of some of the best Kayak Fishing Anglers on the planet! Jackson has
an amazing lineup of kayaks available for anyone from the recreational paddler to the professional fisherman; this makes it easy to recommend their products to anyone. I’m honored to have the opportunity to represent
such a tried and true American brand.

Everyone that I have dealt with that is affiliated with Jackson Kayaks has been a class act and I look forward to meeting more of the JK Family. I can’t wait for all the amazing adventures the future has in store for me and look forward to every day on the water.

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