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Growing up in North East Alabama in the shadow of Lookout Mountain, I was blessed to have easy access to Little Wills Creek. My friends and I cut our river fishing teeth on the panfish, spots, and redeye bass that inhabit that snakey little stream. Our tackle consisted of yardsale rod and reels, some old sneakers, and a pocketfull of BeetleSpins. Over the years, thanks to the internet where i am known as ‘kreekn’ , my fishing grounds have grown from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes region, to the cool rivers of the west. I have been flyfishing almost exclusively for the last 8 or so years, but picked up the gear again to enter my first kayak tournament last year in a Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association event. That experience was so great, that when the River Bassin’ tour was announced, I knew I had to give it a go, and enjoyed every stop on the trail. I will fish for anything that swims, carp to tarpon, no elitism here. The thing I enjoy most however, is introducing new friends to what I like to call ‘river time’. You see, when you launch on a float trip, time changes. The clock doesn’t matter. The river decides where you are going to be and when, and life’s challenges seem so trivial. Why not join me?

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