Matthew Trucks

Name is Matt. Was born and raised in NJ.  He is a  team member of and features extended use reviews for kayak fishing specific gear. The rest of the time he is an experienced a kayak angler who just likes to go fishing with fellow anglers to have fun and relax. You may meet him at many of the tournaments during the season.


He has been fishing since he was 5 years old. Matt was 1st mate on his fathers fishing boat for over 15 years. He owned and operated his own 20′ Wellcraft power boat for 5 years. Once he sold his boat he needed a new way to go fishing and decided in the to go purchase a kayak and use it as his new fishing platform. Over the past few seasons he has fished a wide variety of species ranging from freshwater large mouth bass to spring and fall striped bass and in the summer for flounder. Also rigging his kayak as the pros have rigged theirs suiting his preferences.  Matt is always dreaming up new ideas to make the kayak fishing platform more versatile for the specific fish he targets. He still lives in New Jersey and can be found fishing from New York state to the southern Delaware coast. He is married to his beautiful wife Lisa.



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