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Michael has been fishing his whole life.  Along with outdoor photography, fishing is one of his top passions.  In Waconia, Minnesota, Where he grew up, he started getting more serious about fishing when he started working at a marina on Lake Waconia.  He started competitively fishing at the age of 16 with small clubs out of the marina and leading to larger events and clubs in the area.  Michael started professionally guiding out of a Ranger z20 Comanche at the age of 27 and successfully guided for mainly muskie and various other species until he was 29.   Due to meeting his future wife, he relocated to Nashville, TN in 2011 and for financial reasons had to sell his boat.  He eventually purchased a Jackson Big Tuna to be able to get off the banks and hit the local waters.  He in the last 3 years in Nashville, has successfully targeted trophy striper in the reservoirs and rivers in the area, Large brown trout in the Caney Fork River, and just this year has started pursuing more bass and has been competing in the local kayak club tournaments. His fishing pursuits has landed him places on TV, Radio, and major fishing publications, including articles which he has written.

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