Tanner Speidel

I’m an Iowa native who spends all free time chasing multiple species of gamefish on and off Jackson Kayaks. My family got me into fishing at a very early age and my father continually perpetuates my interest into fishing and the outdoors.  Many people think of kayaking and fishing as fair weather hobbies. Yes they both certainly are, but to me they are a lifestyle. Rain or shine.  Rainy, cold, or windy days do not stop my lifestyle of pursuing fish. Learning lessons the hard way and being persistent during those tough times teaches  many things that may not have been taught otherwise. Everyday on the water we are taught lessons and those lessons span deep into life eternally. I have a unquenchable desire for knowledge of the outdoors.  Kayak fishing allows me to be free and to choose any course I desire. My Big Rig and Cuda 14 bring me closer to that freedom. I hope to help spread kayak fishing and help others become better connected to the outdoors. We are all close to a beautiful world, we just need to paddle  a little further to find it!

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