Erik Martinez

My name is Erik Martinez Im 39 years young and have been fishing for as far back as I can remember in my life. I was born and raised in the Bay area of northern California. About 14 years ago I moved to Sacramento area and began fishing the California delta and local lakes around me such as Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa, Lake Camanche, New Melones, Bullards Bar and Collins Lake. 

 Im in a 2016 Jackson Kraken Elite 13.5.  I occasionally get a chance to go out to the coast for some salty kayak fishing and plan on doing more Coastal trips this season targeting different species of rockfish.  I am on staff with  Cal Coast Fishing, Newport vessel Motors, I’m also a member of Adventure Sports Kayak City fishing team as their Jackson kayak brand representing member.  Recently I have been working with Cal Coast fishing on further developing a product that I had been growing for the last couple years and it should be ready by mid April of this year. As a hobby I  make custom soft plastic lures and previously my brand name was “Wreck-em Baits” I make a swimbait called the Twerk Minnow, a frog called Wreck-em Ribbit, a six legged octopus called “The Hexapus”, a flat fish called the “Dab” for sand dab and a few other baits that are in the R and D stage right now soon to be announced. All my creations are on my Instagram @kraken_yakin so feel free to take a look. My account is public.  I’m truly excited to be part of the Jackson Kayak Fishing team and look forward to being a part of the Jackson kayak family and getting to know more of you.