Name: Boyd Ruppelt

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Favorite Place to Paddle: Colorado & Costa Rica

Years in the sport: 19

Playboat: Allstar

Creekboat: Villain S and Hero

Crazy Fact About You: I’m a Video Skydiver & an inner city 7th grade Science Teacher

Why Boyd Loves Kayaking:

“I started kayaking nearly 2 decades ago in a pink Dancer XS and I only love kayaking more today.  What sets kayaking apart from other sports is the sheer mental challenge and the ability to only take it as far as you want.  Kayaking allows us to find the remote and secluded places of the earth, rarely visited by the outside world.  At the same time the sport is accessible for a variety of ages, fitness levels, and personality types.  No matter who you are there is an aspect of the sport that will both captivate and stimulate your senses regardless of any personal limitations.  For me, kayaking allows me to feel the power of the river while challenging me to push myself both physically and mentally.   I literally feel a part of this amazing force that has shaped the earth for millions of years.  When I was 16 I got into creeking and I was instantly hooked, falling in love with the river all over again!  My goal as an athlete is to continue pushing myself in every aspect of the sport while spreading my love for the river and for life to everyone I meet along the way.”

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