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Age: 26 years old

Hometown: France


Freestyle: 9 times french champion, 2 European champion, Silver medalist at 2015 world championships.

Creeking: trip to Colorado, Canada, Mexico and all over Europe.

Race: 17th at the last sick line race.

For me kayaking is the best way i’ve been spending my time and energy. I brought me to many places, friends and rivers. It took me to learn spanish, english, to become a photographer and to improve my writing skills. It’s also a workshop of style, creativity and fitness. What else gives you so much?

I started kayaking at 8 years old. I didn’t know yet that i was a very excusive person and that i was going to push it as far as i could. I’ve been training for fun just like if i wanted to be the world champion. It took me to my first pre-world champion at the age of 14. Then i’ve been working even if i wasn’t allowed too (i was too young), and at the age of 16 i could pay myself a plane ticket to Montreal. I surfed the waves there every day, and had my first travel experience. i never came back from this trip, it changed me a lot.

So i worked on traveling again. I started studying at university for one semester, traveled and kayaked for a year, then started with another semester again. So it took me 8 years to graduate my master degree, 8 years of traveling, kayaking in the best rivers of the world. I started to work as a photographer and article writter, another way to make my living without stopping to travel and kayak.

I do a lot of freestyle. A LOT. I love all the aspects of the discipline, and make no difference between hole and big wave paddling. I love them all! A good freestyler has to be good in both. And a good freestyler has to be a good kayaker: creek boater, slalom, extreme racer…

A good kayaker is also a good outdoor sporter: climber, slack liner, skier, surfer… I love picking in other sports and disciplines new techniques, new balances, new training, to get better in freestyle.



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