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Ask A Pro

Contact Customer Service

For all your questions about parts, store help, questions about special orders, please email and our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also consult our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to many common questions.

Ask A Pro

Ask a Pro puts you in direct contact with our pro team for any and all questions regarding our kayaks. Our team is the best source of details on our kayak builds, which boat is right for you and how to improve your experience on the water. So let them have it!

Please note. This is NOT Jackson Kayak Customer Service. If you have specific parts you are looking for please search our store here. If you have a warranty issue, please fill out the warranty form here. If you are trying to contact Jackson Customer Service, you will find them here. 

How it works: Below are two different forms. Each form sends an email to that specific team. We manage a full list of JK Pro Team volunteers who will get each and every email. The first person on our team with an answer for you will reply. If you have followup questions, simply reply and that new question will go to the entire team as well.