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PRO TIP: Can't find what you are looking for? Common standard parts not found on our website are readily available on Amazon or your local hardware store, usually with great pricing and quick shipping!

Coosa X Foot Brace & Pad


Did you manage to lose one of the foot braces on your Coosa X? This kit contains everything you'll need to get it back on your boat. Kit includes foot brace with pad for the Coosa X rubber washer t-bolt with nylon wing nut

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35" Power Cable No Lugs

$88.99 $78.99

Need to replace the connecting cable from your Flex Drive E to your battery? This 35" cable is the one you are hunting. Includes two 1/4" insulated lugs and two 3/8" insulated lugs.

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MayFly Foot Brace


Did you manage to lose the foot brace for your MayFly? No judgement here. This kit includes everything you'll need to get back in action. 

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Curved Skid Plate Replacement Kit


Kayaking become a drag? Has your curved skid plate taken a beating over the years..? Get everything you need to replace it here, including hardware (fits Tupelos, Bite Rec, Bite Angler Coosa HD, Cuda HD, Liska, MayFly, Skipper, YuPIK, Cruise FD).  

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Sweet Cheeks 100 Black with Stripe


What makes Sweet Cheeks so special? The Sweet Cheeks form fits around your rear end to make a perfect bucket seat. No pressure points No more sliding around on your seat. Is your seat designed to fit your rear end perfectly? No chance. Just look at all...

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Flat Skid Plate Replacement Kit


Years of dragging your kayak on pavement took its toll on your skid plate? We’ve got what you need to get it back in tip top shape and keep on doing what it does - protect your kayak’s hull. This flat skid plate replacement kit works with the...

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