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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Due to limited staffing at this time our Customer Service team may not be able to answer every call as quickly as we would like. We are working with each customer in the order their queries are received.


    Replacement parts, seats and accessories are all available on our online store at Can't find what you're looking for? Common standard parts not found on our website are readily available on Amazon or at your local hardware store, usually with great pricing and a quick turnaround. For some of our standard parts & sizes, see below.


    Check out this detailed buyers' guide for purchasing your first fishing kayak here.


    Werner Paddles is known for its attention to detail, high-quality materials, and innovative designs, making their paddles popular among paddlers of all skill levels and disciplines. Check out the Werner Paddles Fit Guide here.


    It is critically important to wear a life vest at all times on the water. Jackson Kayak does not manufacture life vests, but we have great partners who do. Check out:

        - Kokatat:
        - NRS:
        - Astral:


    Need help with skirt sizing? Check out this chart:


    If you have a general question about kayaking and/or our kayaks, consult an expert!

    Ask A Pro Click the Ask a Pro link and we will send your question to the appropriate team. This is one of the fastest ways to get a response!

    New to Kayaking? Here are some great blogs to get you started.


    Pro tip! Many of the parts of our kayaks are available from your local hardware store or online retailer (often for less than we charge!). Here are some common items and sizes:

        - Thicker Bungee: 1/4" Black Polyester is the thicker of the two bungee sizes we use on our kayaks.
        - Thinner Bungee: 3/16" Black Polyester is the thinner of the two bungee sizes we use on our kayaks.
        - Rivets: Pine-Tree Clip .250 dia x .510. We use four to hold the seat pad in place on our WW kayaks.
        - T-Bolts: 1" & 1.5" are the sizes we use with our kayaks. You can find them at YakAttack's website.
        - Rear Mounting Plate Bolt Size: 1" long, 1/4-20 bolts - these are used on our fishing kayaks.


    Does a paddle, PFD, or skirt come with my new Jackson Kayak?
    We do not include these items with our kayaks. Look above for some great suggestions for companies we trust to get your paddles, PFDs and sundry. They have great sizing charts and customer service and can help you out. Alternately, visit your local dealer to get everything you need with professional attention.


    Help! I need to replace my seat. Which one do I need?
    Our seat lineup has changed many times and some are special order only. Search our website for your kayak model and the word 'seat' and you should see what you need - otherwise reach out to our Customer Service team at

    Just need to replace the fabric on your seat? The Elite Seat 3.0 Cover will fit around most Jackson Kayak seat frames, old or new, with exception of the Bite series. Simply wrap around the frame and tighten to fit. You can find it here:
    To replace the seat cover on one of our Bite Series of kayaks you will need the Comfort Seat Back and Bottom Cover Kit.

    Need to replace your full seat? Here is a comprehensive list of kayak model and seat style.

    Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler, Escape, TriCat with Steering - Here is the seat post for the Angler and Escape:

    Blue Sky Boatworks Pro, TriCat without Steering - 360 Pro Seat. The Pro uses the same seat post as the Angler and Escape:

    You will need to contact Customer Service if you need a replacement for your TriCat seat posts.

    Knarr FD, TakeTwo, Big Rig HD/FD, YuPIK, Coosa FD, Coosa HD, Cuda HD, Kilroy HD, Liska & Mayfly - Comfort Seat Frame & Cover

    The YuPIK will require our Seat Slider Upgrade if it was manufactured prior to 2022.

    Bite Angler, Bite Rec & Bite FD - Bite Series Comfort Seat

    Big Tuna, Cuda, Original Big Rig, Tripper T (Back Seat), Kilroy DT (Back Seat) Kilroy - Breathable Framed Seat

    Coosa HD, Cruise FD 2021 & Prior - Breathable Framed Seat for Coosa HD & Cruise FD

    Kraken Series - Special order only, please contact Customer Service.

    Skipper - Skipper Seat Cover

    Tupelo 12.5 - Tupelo 12.5 Complete Seat

    Tupelo 12 - Tupelo 12 Complete Seat

  • Buying a Jackson Kayak

    What are the performance differences between each model?
    Refer to the kayak of your interest and click on the product description link to help understand the benefits and performance of each kayak.

    How can I purchase a Jackson Kayak if I am outside of the United States?
    We have distributors all around the world! You can find our list of international distributors at this link:

    What colors are available?
    Our colors are updated annually, and are different between our fishing, recreation, and whitewater lineups. You can see our current year color lineup by clicking on a boat and scrolling through the different color options. Your dealer may have additional colors in stock from years prior.

    Can I order a custom color?
    We do not offer custom colors currently.

    Can you send me a product catalog?
    In the interests of our environment, we do not publish an annual print catalog. All the information you are looking for can be found on our website.

    Can I buy a Jackson Kayak directly from the factory?
    Sorry, we do not offer direct sales at this time. We do encourage you to visit your local dealer, try before you buy and support local business whenever possible! Here is the link to our dealer locator:

    How can I test out a Jackson Kayak before I purchase?
    All our dealers carry “demo” models specifically for this reason. Call your nearest dealer to find out when they are having a “demo day”, or if you can just swing by and pick the boat up to take out for a day. Some dealers will charge a “rental fee” for the day, but they may also deduct that amount from the purchase of a kayak so be sure to ask.

  • Care & Maintenance

    What are the repair options for my Jackson Kayak?
    If you wouuld like to repair a gouge in your hull you can use plastic welding rods to repair using a heat gun. You can order directly from our website, here -

    What is the best way to clean, protect, and store my kayak?
    Your kayak can be cleaned using a mild soap and water. You can also use a pressure washer, but be careful if your kayak has deck pads. A bit of 303 Products Marine Aerospace Protectant will offer some UV protection and add a nice shine back to your kayak.
    Ideally, you will be able to store your kayak inside and vertically on its end (this is how we house them at the factory!). If you must store outside, do not place in direct sunlight. If stored horizontally, place foam underneath to prevent the plastic from warping, and angled up onto its side if possible.

    What is the recommended way to transport my kayak?
    A roof rack, whether factory installed or an aftermarket product, greatly enhances both security and convenience when transporting your kayak. The simplest, but not necessarily the most secure solution is to place mini cell foam cradles between the boat and the roof, and tie the boat to the roof rack, if so equipped, or through the door openings of vehicles without a roof rack.
    A trailer is another good option, as is the bed of a truck (with a bed extender if you have a longer kayak - Boonedox makes a great bed extender). Cam-style straps are preferred over ratchet straps, which may damage your hull in some cases. Be sure to use your long load flag and don't over-tighten the straps down on your kayak.

    There is a dent or depression in my hull! What should I do?
    The first step is to put your kayak in direct sun for 4+ hours (try to put on a soft grassy area). Normally, the plastic will return to shape on its own. If it does not, try using weights or other heavy objects while leaving it in the sun to push the dent out. Water that is nearly boiling can be used in absence of sunlight.

  • Warranty

    How do I make a warranty claim?
    Complete the warranty form on our site, here: Warranty Claim