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Jackson Kayak

Knarr FD


Jackson Kayak conquers the water with a completely new fishing platform for 2022. Introducing the Knarr FD, a kayak 100% dialed in on the challenges presented by oceans and large lakes. Bring on the...

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Bees Knees Thigh Hooks


The Bees Knees give Jackson Kayak whitewater boats a more secure knee fit for a better feel. This addresses the #1 request for improvement from our customers, and follows the JK way of valuing...

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Big Tuna Rudder Ready Kit


Ready to install a rudder on your Big Tuna to help improve tracking? We’re ready to offer you this solution! Comes with all hardware you’ll need to get your rudder installed and on the...

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Big Rig HD FD Deck Pads


Has the deck padding on your Big Rig FD/HD seen one adventure too many (we know, there is no such thing!)? Freshen your look with a new set of pads, straight from the good folks at Marine Mat. To...

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Hypalon Paddle Retainer


Has your paddle retainer been stretched to the point of no return? Had an unfortunate stacking incident and broke your retainer? This is your solution. Does not include mounting hardware.

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WW New Drain Plug Kit, 50 Pack


Have your drain plugs gone rogue? All FIFTY of them? No worries, pick them up here. Fits all 2015 models and beyond with exception of the Hero Series (Hero, Super Hero, Side Kick) and Dynamic Duo.For...

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