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Jackson Kayak

Knarr FD


Jackson Kayak conquers the water with a completely new fishing platform for 2022. Introducing the Knarr FD, a kayak 100% dialed in on the challenges presented by oceans and large lakes. Bring on the...

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Happy Thruster


The Happy Thruster is an addition to the Happy Seat - they were developed for use together. The Happy Thruster slides over the Happy Seat while deflated and stays in place while inflated. The purpose...

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Happy Seat


The Happy Seat is an inflatable bladder that goes under your legs, just in front of your existing seat. It has two purposes. 1. It gives you more control in the boat. 2. It makes your legs more...

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Comfort Seat Frame, Black Plug


Need to replace the seat frame on your Bite Angler, Bite Rec, Bite FD, Knarr FD, TakeTwo or YuPIK (2021 and earlier)? This frame will get you squared away.

Legacy Comfort Seat


Need to replace the seat on your 2021 model and earlier Coosa FD, Cuda HD, Kilroy HD, Liska, MayFly, BigRig FD or Big Rig HD? This is the complete seat you will need.

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Knarr FD Carry Handles x2


Want to add a pair of side handles to your Knarr FD for ease of transport...? This kit contains two of our comfy handles, four washers, four t-bolts and four nylon wing nuts.

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Kilroy HD Bubble Sticker

$12.99 $3.99

Love your Kilroy HD and want to slap some stickers around to prove it? This decal is the same as we put on our kayaks, and is ready for action nearly anywhere. **ALL DECALS RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING!**

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Ocoee Guidebook


Middle Ocoee spiralbound guidebook and training manual. Features 67 maps, 64 photos and 289 descriptions of conservative, traditional and challenging drop lines.

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Big Rig HD Convert to FD Pod Kit


Convert your Big Rig HD (paddle powered) to an FD (FlexDrive)! Eight bolts are removed and this pedal pod is dropped in after the paddle pod is removed. Flex Drive not included.  

Khaki Velcro Hat


Our low-profile, comfortable cap boasts a Jackson Kayak logo patch on front and back, perfect for paddling and days in the sun - cap is made in the USA.

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