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Flex Drive Mark IV Upper, Lower & Prop Complete Upgrade

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Ready to upgrade? The Flex Drive MKIV is here. 

Buy from your local dealer and have it in-hand today. Receive FREE SHIPPING when you checkout with us here!

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The Flex Drive Mark IV stands out as the sole drive system in the market featuring an auto-retracting lower unit for shallow waters, a versatile three-position dagger board, and a sealed pedal system that operates seamlessly in both forward and reverse. These innovations are backed by Jackson Kayak's renowned warranty and top-notch customer service.

With improved speed, smoother operation, reduced noise, and enhanced durability, the Flex Drive Mark IV empowers you to get even closer to the action on the water.

Learn more about the Flex Drive Mark IV here


  • Faster than ever. Our latest upgrades have made the drive more efficient, and that allows us to use a more aggressive prop for faster speeds
  • 3:1 Pedal drive input, fed in to a 4:1 spiral bevel gear input
  • Smoother. The new belt driven system and increased diameter in the FD cable pedals smoother than all previous versions.
  • Quieter. Upgraded bearings keep the drive whisper-quiet.
  • More Durable. Industry-tested technology make the FD tougher than ever.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free. The upper unit is now in a sealed oil bath - no more topping up the grease. All you need to do is make sure it is rinsed after every outing.
  • Tested Tough. We've logged hundreds of hours of saltwater and freshwater testing. Every drive is checked and double-checked for quality.
  • Two-Year manufacturer warranty.
You can simply upgrade ANY of Jackson's FD boats with this unit. Everything but the socket wrench is included. See the upgrade video here. 

Backwards compatible with all our FD model kayaks. Will require a complete replacement of upper and lower unit. SHIPS FOR FREE FROM OUR FACTORY IN SPARTA TN!

While supplies last! Get a FREE Seat Back Zip Mesh BSB Pouch and Roll Top BSB Dry Bag with every purchase of a FlexDrive MK IV. 


Mesh Pouch: Our handy mesh zippered seatback pouch helps you keep snacks, phones, and other personal items or accessories secure and close at hand. Velcro closure works with seats that feature rings on the back as well as seats with strap webbing. It will work with any of the Elite Seats on our fishing kayaks and, of course, our BSB seat systems.

Dry Bag: This handy roll-top dry bag attaches to the back of your seat (or not!) and is perfect for holding items you’d rather not be exposed to the elements, from phones to cameras to your peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Unrolled dimensions: 12" x 7" x .17".

Both these will ship with your order of a Jackson Flex Drive, totally free. While supplies last.

Flex Drive Mark IV Upper, Lower & Prop Complete Upgrade Videos

4 Reviews

  • Flex Drive Mark IV

    Posted by Keith on Mar 14th 2024

    I am highly satisfied with with my new drive train. It is a bit lighter than the original that required regular lubrication. It seems slight faster and is definitely somewhat smoother. My only tests have been in windy water without clear sailing. Happy that I received it; although, instructions for installation would be helpful, especially concerning the different design of the front anchor bar with screw-down nuts.

  • Mark IV flex drive

    Posted by Michael Brady on Dec 6th 2022

    I took my Big Rig out on 12/2/22 with the new Mark IV flex drive installed.
    I love it!
    It is QUIET and smoother than the previous version. I fish saltwater inshore so I like being quiet around redfish. This drive is QUIET! It's just what I hoped it would be: quiet, smooth, and seems a little bit faster.
    Great job Jackson!!!

  • Flex Drive Mark IV Upper, Lower & Prop Complete Upgrade

    Posted by Mitch LeCoupe on Oct 14th 2022

    I upgraded my Bluesky by selling my old Bluesky and buying a new one with the new Flex Drive Mark IV before you could buy just the upgrade. I recommend it, it is like night and day the new flex drive is way better, I also would recommend upgrading your rudder to the new one also.

  • Flex Drive Mark IV

    Posted by Eron Dodds on Sep 21st 2022

    This new drive is great! Smooth, powerful and fast! I'm really enjoying it!

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