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Orion Core 25

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25.16 quarts
Total Weight:
21.5 lbs

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Compact and highly portable, the Orion 25 is easily transported by canoe, car or kayak, and the preferred size for shorter outings and day to weekend use. It makes a good casting platform on small watercraft like SUPs, Gheenoes, or flats skiffs.

Want to add a pad to your cooler? You can pick one up here: 25Q Orion Logo Cooler Pad. Gear track is necessary to add many of our accessories - you can pick yours up here: 25q Gear Track

Note: Each multi-colored cooler we manufacture is unique product as a result of the rotomolding process, and your color blend layup will not be exactly as pictured here. If it must be exact, please consider one of our solid white coolers.

Did you know? Accessories ship for FREE when purchased at the same time as your cooler. Save money on shipping by adding an accessory order to your cooler purchase (cooler and accessories must be purchased in same transaction).

Interested in custom coolers? Our minimum order is ten units - get more info here!

Orion Cooler Specs

Warranty Information

This warranty applies to all Jackson Adventure products (kayaks, boats, coolers and kennels) and covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship in the hull and outfitting components sold new or as "demos". The warranty policy is subject to the exceptions lists. Review the full warranty list and details by clicking here.

8 Reviews

  • Orion 24

    Posted by Richard Smith on Mar 20th 2023

    What a great cooler. It is just the finishing touch that my BSB angler 360 needed.

  • 25qt cooler

    Posted by Jeff on Sep 1st 2022

    Love this product so well that I own three coolers. Smallest, medium and the big boy! This product saves me money on ice. Two bags of ice and a two day weekend, minimal melted ice and kept everything cold!

  • Superb cooler and made in the USA

    Posted by Walter W on Apr 21st 2022

    I got this to try out. I have a jackson big rig HD in Dorado so thought it would be cool to have a matching cooler. I didnt get any accessories with it until I tried it out. I went on a 5 day vacation and came home with ice still in the cooler. Its sturdy and very high quality. I am 300lbs and feel comfortable standing on it anywhere. Yes its alot of money for a cooler but the quality difference between the cheap coolers is amazing.

    I just threw out two igloo coolers that didnt last. Some have complained about the latches and using them one handed. Ive not had a problem at all.

    I like it so much im ordering a 65 qt now

  • Best by far

    Posted by Todd C on Mar 28th 2022


  • Orion 25

    Posted by Jay W. on Aug 11th 2021

    This is my fridge for a 4 night gravel bar camping trip we do every Sept and it keeps everything cold and still holding ice at the end of the trip. I paddle a Cuda HD and the 25 fits perfectly in the rear tankwell with room for my milkcrate.
    This is replacing an R-Tic 40 soft cooler that fell apart after a year-and-a-half. You get what you pay for and this has Jackson quality all over it.

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