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Blue Sky Boatworks

360 Angler


For those who want a kayak specifically designed for fishing, the 360° Angler doesn't compromise. It maximizes space, comfort, accessories, and storage while still giving you the stealth and...

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360 Pro


Ready to take your Blue Sky Boatworks experience to the next level? Introducing the Blue Sky 360 Pro! This boat comes rigged and ready to fish with features like a DC battery box, mounting options...

BSB Mesh Pouch with Zipper

$12.99 $6.99

Our handy mesh zippered seatback pouch helps you keep snacks, phones, and other personal items or accessories secure and close at hand. Velcro closure works with seats that feature rings on the back...

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360 TriCat Dome Decal

$11.99 $1.99

Need to replace a decal on your 360 TriCat? This is the graphic you're looking for. Domed decal can also be applied to windows and other such surfaces.

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Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Pro Seat


You need to.. what? Replace the seat on your Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Pro? Well, weird stuff happens. Here's your replacement. This is also the seat for the PORT (facing front of boat - seat on left)...

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Blue Sky Boatworks Logo Decal


Spread the Blue Sky love with this 8" decal featuring the BSB logo. Perfect for windows, laptops, foreheads.. anywhere! Note - this is a 'bubble graphic', which has a transparent background with...

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BSB Seat Post & Base Kit


BSB Seat Post & Base Kit Your post and base is just... worn out. I am not gonna ask how. That's your little secret. But don't worry, we can replace it for you with this discrete little kit...

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BSB Rudder V2 Kit


BSB Rudder V2 Kit Have an older Blue Sky Angler with the plastic rudder?  Your upgrade is right here.  The V2 Kit includes our current aluminum BSB rudder, along with the brackets and...

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