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360 Angler

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13' 4"
500 lbs
Total Weight:
140 lbs
Rotomolded Polyethylene & Anodized Marine Grade Aluminium

360 Angler Accessories and Parts


The 360° Angler is tailored for anglers who demand a fishing kayak that excels in every aspect. It prioritizes ample space, comfort, accessories, and storage without sacrificing the stealth and maneuverability needed for accessing shallow waters that larger boats can't reach. Combining the stability of a bass boat with the convenience of a kayak, the 360° Angler offers a comprehensive fishing experience and features our Flex Drive Mark IV.


  • Unique Captain’s chair provides 360º fishability from an elevated, comfortable seating platform and keeps rudder controls right at hand
  • Gear tracks for rod mounts (comes with rod holders)
  • In-hull storage for rods, tackle boxes and much more
  • Integrated wheel system to make wheeling your boat from your truck or trailer to the water a snap 
  • Ability to easily add a trolling or small outboard motor
  • Our new Flex Drive Mark IV (Patented) is the product of four years of constant evolution. The latest version of our amazing Flex Drive is faster, quieter and more durable than ever before. Learn more about the Flex Drive Mark IV here: User Manual for Flex Drive Mark IV: Explore the new Mark IV Drive, here:
  • A four-hole bolt pattern on the stern of both pontoons to support accessories such as the PowerPole and Torqeedo trolling motor mount adaptor

Want to see a side by side comparison of the Blue Sky series of boats (Angler & 360 Pro)? Check this handy chart: Blue Sky Comparison Chart

Length: 13'4" • Weight: 140 w/o seat & drive, 170 w/seat & drive • Width: 48" • Capacity: 500 lbs

Suggested Application

Ideal for fishing on large lakes, ponds, and inshore saltwater, the 360 Angler features integrated wheels and is easy to transport from your truck to the boat launch. Its dual hull design ensures remarkable stability even in rough waters.



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360 Angler Videos

Warranty Information

This warranty applies to all Jackson Adventure products (kayaks, boats, coolers and kennels) and covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship in the hull and outfitting components sold new or as "demos". The warranty policy is subject to the exceptions lists. Review the full warranty list and details by clicking here.

9 Reviews

  • My upgrade

    Posted by Mitch LeCoupe on Jan 21st 2024

    Bluesky Boatworks 360 Angler Mark IV: An Upgrade Worth Considering
    I recently upgraded from the first-year Bluesky Boatworks 360 Angler with the old flex drive to the latest model featuring the Mark IV drive. While the transition came with a few changes, overall, the improvements have made my fishing experience even more enjoyable.
    The initial purchase of my old Bluesky Boatworks 360 Angler left me impressed with the inclusion of the Orion cup, tackle boxes, and two rod holders. However, the Mark IV edition no longer includes Orion cup, tackle boxes but dose come with the rod holders, which was a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, the upgraded features make up for it.
    One of the standout improvements is the rudder system. The shift from the old plastic rudder to a sturdy aluminum one has proven to be a game-changer. The old rudder had a tendency to bend over time, affecting performance, while the new aluminum rudder provides enhanced durability and responsiveness.
    The Mark IV drive itself offers a smoother and faster kayaking experience compared to its predecessor. The technological advancements are evident, and I appreciate the increased efficiency during my outings. However, it's worth noting that my old e-drive, which was compatible with the old flex drive, is not compatible with the new Mark IV drive. This led me to sell my old Bluesky along with the e-drive.
    One unexpected hurdle was the change in the wheel bracket design. The new bracket lacked the angled cut that allowed for easy wheel placement on the old model. The result was wheels that dangled when lifted, posing a challenge during boat launches. Fortunately, I was able to find a workaround by swapping the front and rear brackets between my old and new Bluesky. This modification restored the convenient wheel functionality I had grown accustomed to.
    In conclusion, the Bluesky Boatworks 360 Angler Mark IV is a worthy upgrade for those seeking enhanced performance and durability. While some accessories may no longer be included, the overall improvements in the rudder system, drive efficiency, and build quality make it a solid investment for avid kayak anglers. Just be prepared for potential adjustments, such as bracket swaps, to maintain the same level of convenience for your wheel system.

  • Rejuvenated!!!

    Posted by Kevin Nation on Jun 27th 2023

    As a disabled veteran who has been kayaking for several years, I had to face the reality as I got older of giving up my joy of being out on the water. I was no longer able to get into my kayak (Bonafide SS127) because of sitting too low and dealing with back issues. Then I discovered the Angler 360 and I am back on the water for 6-8 hours at a time, with no back issues and loving every minute of it. I can't say "thank you" enough for giving back my love of being on the water and the ability to fish. This is truly my therapy - physically and mentally.

  • 360 angler

    Posted by David Fry on Jun 10th 2022

    I have had this platform for a few years and it has performed beyond expectations. Receives a lot of compliments and envied by many. I have the flexdrive as well as a garmin fish finder and micro anchor system. I also have proper running lights fitted for night fishing activities. I also use a standup paddle. Comes in handy. Speed will be 3+ mph dependingon conditions and load.

    Large stable deck and works in shallow as well as deeper waters. Rides well with boat wakes and higher breaking waves. Transports well in the truck bed and I do use a bed extender. Easy on and off. Easy entry and exit for the water especially at boat ramps.

    Great fishing kayak. Very convenient for one person to handle and transport. I do recommend it. If you want fast this will not be a good fit.

  • Buy the 360 Pro

    Posted by Barry R Jark on Dec 28th 2021

    I own 2 Blue Sky's. The Angler 360 was my first one. I loved the boat so much but I am 67 years old and I got tired of peddling so I bought the 360 Pro. I added a MinnKota trolling motor and lithium troling battery to the Pro and I use it about 2 to 3 times a week. I never use the 360 Angler. Every time out I get many positive comments on the Pro.

    Also, the Flex Drive wears out quickly. The cable that runs from the lower unit to the prop grinds and squeeks. Grinding and squeeking when you are fishing does not work. It is a fantastic boat but the Flex Drive is the weak link. Go Pro!

  • 360 blue sky

    Posted by Tim on Jul 10th 2021

    Damn(can i say that here?) I love my boat! It’s the best fishing kayak I’ve ever owned. I’ve had a couple nice ones and they were great. But this thing is on another level for fishing and customizing.
    Blue sky boat works customer service is better than any I’ve encountered!
    I’m not a robot( most of the time)

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