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360 Angler

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13' 4"
500 lbs
Total Weight:
170 lbs
Rotomolded Polyethylene & Anodized Marine Grade Aluminium

360 Angler Accessories and Parts


For those who want a kayak specifically designed for fishing, the 360° Angler doesn't compromise space, comfort, accessories, storage, stealth and the ability to get to those skinny/shallow waters the big boats can't. The 360 Angler features the stability of a bass boat with the convenience of a kayak. The Angler has gear tracks for rod mounts, comes with rod holders, has in-hull storage for rods, tackle boxes and much more, and is equipped with our FlexDrive pedal drive system which performs beautifully in open-water situations and makes navigating shallow-water obstacles a breeze. The integrated wheel system makes wheeling your boat from your truck or trailer to the water a snap, and the unique Captain’s chair provides 360º fishability from an elevated, comfortable seating platform and keeps rudder controls right at hand. Treat yourself to the most stable fishing kayak on the market!

Owner's Manual: Blue Sky Boatworks Owners Manual 1.29.20

Want to see a side by side comparison of the Blue Sky series of boats (Angler & 360 Pro)? Check this handy chart: Blue Sky Comparison Chart

Length: 13'4" • Weight: 140 w/o seat & drive, 170 w/seat & drive • Width: 48" • Capacity: 500 lbs

About The Flex Drive

Jackson Kayak has designed a patent-pending prop-driven pedal system which allows for hands-free forward and reverse propulsion for kayaks. Named the Flex Drive, it consists of a daggerboard-protected two prop propeller which, combined with unique articulation gives the Flex Drive increased performance over other drives and helps keep the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean. Jackson Kayak’s Flex Drive System can quickly adapt from deep to shallow water navigation without having to move the main pedal drive unit.

The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever, has adjustable pitch prop blades and a 12:1 ratio. 

*2021 colors shown



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360 Angler Videos

Warranty Information

This warranty applies to all Jackson Adventure products (kayaks, boats, coolers and kennels) and covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship in the hull and outfitting components sold new or as "demos". The warranty policy is subject to the exceptions lists. Review the full warranty list and details by clicking here.

5 Reviews

  • 360 blue sky

    Posted by Tim on Jul 10th 2021

    Damn(can i say that here?) I love my boat! It’s the best fishing kayak I’ve ever owned. I’ve had a couple nice ones and they were great. But this thing is on another level for fishing and customizing.
    Blue sky boat works customer service is better than any I’ve encountered!
    I’m not a robot( most of the time)

  • Top Notch Fishing Machine

    Posted by Tournament Angler Jeremy Flack on Mar 14th 2021

    I bit the bullet and sold my previous Kayak and got the Blue Sky last year and I’d have to say I absolutely love this fishing platform.
    Stability is second to none, the flex drive is plenty smooth and quite, and yet it’s not the fastest out there but it definitely treads water nicely. I have know problem covering big water with it at all. The wind will make it a little harder to control but it’s definitely still manageable, but you will get splash over in bigger waves. Having the storage in the pontoons is super nice, and the front and rear porch lets you hall a ton of gear, exactly what you need for fishing tournament is lots of gear and being able to carry it with you is a must. The rod stager is an okay system I mainly use it to hold my paddle and stake out pole But will hold 3 rods as well. The 360 seat is decent but it’s really not a true 360 as you have your rudder controls attach to the rudder cable so you do have to turn back the direction you came but that’s not an issue by no means. The ability to add the e-drive is also a nice option or add a trolling motor with anchor lock or spot lock and you can fish open water with easy. For the shallow water fisherman, the BSB 360 is already pre drilled and tapped for not one but two shallow water anchors (that being the power pole) so deploy both and the wind can’t turn you away from that 10ib lurker sitting on a bed. The BSB 360 definitely drafts very shallow so getting in the back waters is not an issue at all and the flex drive has a shallow water position or use a push pole and go in stealth mode. The flex drive has 3 positions all the way down for full deployment, mid position for half deployment for shallow water and stow for when your done also it has a hatch door for I’f you need to clean your prop. Let’s not forget about transportation from truck to water BSB 360 has wheels so deploy the wheels grab the handles and go back into the water and jump on and all you do from there is put the wheels in stow position and go. Similar to landing gear. All I can say if you like to fish in comfort and compete with the best this rig Is for you.
    Over all a couldn’t be happier with my tournament rigged BSB angler 360 with the flex drive and I promise you will be 10 times more comfortable than the other angers without the BSB 360.

  • Great Boat!

    Posted by William Wells on Aug 21st 2020

    I purchased this boat about three weeks ago, and I am extremely pleased with its performance. I'm 6'4" tall and about 300 lbs., and standing in a traditional kayak is very difficult and uncomfortable. This has definitely solved that issue for me. In the three trips I've made in this boat my ability to cast accurately has improved significantly.
    The speed of the boat is sufficient, but you won't win any races. However, the stability more than makes up for the speed. The boat takes the wake from powerboats really well. Depending on the kayak you own this can be frightening at times.
    I would advise anyone that purchases this boat to double check the tightness of all the bolts and nuts before putting it in the water for the first time. Also, make sure you take the tools supplied with boat on the water with you in case of emergency. I had the crank arm come loose on me my first time out and I didn't have the supplied wrench with me. Fortunately, I had some pliers that allowed me to tighten down enough to make it back to the ramp.
    If you are a serious angler this boat is well worth the investment.

  • Awesome boat

    Posted by James on May 20th 2020

    Been on mine now a full year. Great sitting position for pedal drive. Love the space and my furry friend loves it too. Best the money can buy right here.

  • This rig will SPOIL you!

    Posted by Jason Ricketts on May 20th 2020

    Seriously. I have been fishing out of the BSB 360 Angler for 2 seasons now. It has deck space for days and sop much storage room inside of hatches. I've used this on lakes and rivers. The rivers i used it on had medium current levels as well as shallow and deep pools. It handled fairly well. Its a dream on lakes too. I have a hard time going back to "traditional" fishing kayaks because it is so darn comfortable fishing off of it. Don't let the weight discourage you. The built in landing gear is a dream. I love, love, LOVE this platform.

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