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Zen 3.0

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8' 1" - 8' 11"
25.5" - 27.8"
Cockpit Size:
32.5" x 19" - 36" x 21.5"
76 gal - 103 gal
Total Weight:
44 lbs - 50 lbs
Paddler Weight Range, Small:
90 - 160 lbs
Paddler Weight Range, Medium:
140 - 210 lbs
Paddler Weight Range, Large:
180 - 240 lbs

Zen 3.0 Accessories and Parts


The Zen platform has been a staple on expeditions and in schools for its versatility. The Zen 3.0 takes note of our Hero Series and combines that knowledge with our previous Zen designs to produce a shorter, lighter package that stays on top of the water, has a ton of initial stability, and lifts easily over waves, holes, and rocks. It’s a dry, confidence-inspiring ride that doesn’t get grabbed in swirlier situations. This means it’s not only a great boat for beginners, but also provides welcome confidence in some of the biggest, most chaotic rivers.


  • Wildly stable hull
  • Easy to turn
  • Primary and secondary stability
  • High floating
  • Jackson Kayak’s Bees Knees Thigh Hook System for increased contact and control in the thigh brace area. LEARN MORE
  • Jackson Kayak’s Uni-Shock Bulkhead System – the highest shock absorbing system on the market. LEARN MORE
  • Jackson Kayak’s Sure-Lock Backband System – the lightest, most user-friendly system that can be adjusted anywhere LEARN MORE
  • Carrying strap for easier carrying transportation
  • Jackson Kayak’s Warranty Program. LEARN MORE
  • Available in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large

Designed for:

Paddlers looking to get into the sport or push themselves to new limits in river running and creeking. The Zen is an easy-to-turn, easy-to-boof boat that will take you downstream with confidence.

Small | Length: 8’ 1″ • Width: 25.5″ • Height: 15″ • Cockpit Size: 32.5" x 19" • Volume: 76 gal • Capacity: 80-160 lbs • Total Weight: 42 lbs

Medium | Length: 8’ 5″ • Width: 27″ • Height: 15″ • Cockpit Size: 34.5" x 20.25" • Volume: 89 gal • Capacity: 140-220 lbs • Total Weight: 47 lbs

Large | Length: 8’ 11″ • Width: 27.8″ • Height: 15″ • Cockpit Size: 36" x 21.5" • Volume: 103 gal • Capacity: 200-280 lbs • Total Weight: 51 lbs

New Zen 3.0

1 - Click on Artifical Reality button above to get 3D view,
2 - Click View in Real Life to load up QR code,
3 - Scan QR code using your smart phone camera,
4 - Open in your browser (prompt will appear),
5 - Find a spot in your room, follow instructions till boat appears.

Zen 3.0 Videos

Warranty Information

This warranty applies to all Jackson Adventure products (kayaks, boats, coolers and kennels) and covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship in the hull and outfitting components sold new or as "demos". The warranty policy is subject to the exceptions lists. Review the full warranty list and details by clicking here.

2 Reviews

  • Zen 3

    Posted by John Geiger on Oct 12th 2020

    I have owned all the Zen in a medium. When I demoed the Zen 3 I tried a small and a medium. I weigh in at 165 so was not sure how it would ride. Bottom line is I love it - I don't do more than class III and attend to be a river runner. I find the boat pops up the downside of holes and gives me a lot more control than the medium Zen. Still great at ferrying and catching small eddies and no surprises going through holes and bigger water.

  • Z3 small

    Posted by John Geiger on Aug 15th 2020

    I had a chance to demo both the Med and Sm on the Lower Yough. I have a M Zen 2 and found the Z3 medium to be very similar, a bit more lift going through holes. My buddy and I both have the M Zen 2 but both felt we had a great ride from the Z3 Sm. We are both about 5 pounds over it's weight range, but we both agreed it is more maneuverable and responsive than the Zen 2 or 3 Medium. If I could only own one boat for all levels of water I would take the Medium but most of my boating is up to class 3 and not steep creeks so the small has gotten all my use! More like my Miata than the Outback.

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