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Name: Daniel Bourdages

Home town: Victoria BC, living now in Edmonton Alberta

Favourite fishing: Big water!, large lakes and ocean, jigging and trolling with a downrigger

Favourite Fish species: Salmon ( Coho, Chinook ) Trout, Pike, Walleye

Dream Kayak fishing trip: Anywhere I can target Roosters, Mahi, wahoo, Peacock bass, Tarpon (bucket list fish list)

Years fishing from a kayak: 5 years.

Jackson Kayaks owned: Coosa FD

Favourite quote: Many men go fishing all there lives without knowing it is not fish they are after!

Little bit about myself:

The love of fishing has always been in my blood, ever since being a little ankle biter casting from shore for flounders and trout or fishing the chinook salmon runs inshore with my dad on a small boat. I find now that fishing gives you that stress release that is so needed now a days with our busy work lives, and kayak fishing just makes that connection with the outdoors so much better.

My military posting to Edmonton Alberta Canada in 2004 changed everything I knew about fishing, lakes were not deep and as clear, not salt water to be found and weeds along shore were a battle for a shore caster in the late spring till fall, I needed to get a boat to get away from the weed lines. I was starting to save money for a small boat, till one day I ran into a episode of “Jim Sammons Kayak fishing show” and thought that is a great way to fish ( Eco-friendly, no gas to buy, low maintenance, and more of a challenge along with a lot of fun ). I have been pretty much hooked since and have been in or demoed all brands of kayaks in my 5 years of Kayak fishing, therefore I have a great appreciation for the craftmanship and the layout and thought that goes into Jackson Kayaks…it was an easy brand to stand with to help build the kayak fishing community while building the Jackson presence in our area of Western Canada.

See you on the water, Tight lines!

Daniel Bourdages

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