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Name: Johnny Chase

DOB: August 29th, 1995

Nickname: Goku

Height: 5’ 10’’

Weight: 185

Hometown: Kernville, California

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Favorite River/Wave/Waterfall: Kern River, South Yuba, Keldua

Favorite Trick: Window shade, the staple of freestyle kayaking.

Favorite Boat: Nirvana

Crazy Fact About You: I have eaten 100 pizza rolls in one sitting.

If Not Kayaking What Else Would You Be Doing?

If i’m not kayaking, I am most likely biking, climbing, or watching anime! Most likely watching anime.

Why Do You Love Kayaking?

I love kayaking for so many different reasons. It takes me to so many amazing different places all over the world. It allows me to go to places that would otherwise be impossible to go to. It also allows me to push my physical and mental limits by running challenging rapids and having long days on the water. Lastly it has gives me the opportunity to spend time with my best friends, and make many new friends along the way.

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Royal Flush, 5th place qualifier NFC VI, 19th NFC VII, 2nd place Feather Fest, 2nd place Fire and Ice Race (Iceland), 4th place Gnarlfest, Highest water descents of: Purdon's to 49 (South Yuba), 49 to Bridgeport (South Yuba), Cataracts of the Kern, Golden Gate (South Fork American).

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