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Bite FD

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11' 6"
400 lbs
90.5 lbs
Weight with Seat:
96.5 lbs
Weight with Seat & Upper Unit:
110 lbs

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The Bite FD is a pedal kayak crafted for excellent performance with minimal upkeep. It retains the high standards of the Bite hull, known for its uncompromised performance, gear organization, and quality, even at an affordable price. With the Bite FD, Jackson Kayak maintains its commitment to top-notch design without sacrificing any essentials.


  • Wide deck for solid stability while sitting or standing
  • Front and rear tank wells with durable bungee cords not only provide ample storage space but also keep your gear stays secure on your wildest adventures
  • Gear tracks allow you to easily attach your accessories and customize your kayak to suit your fishing needs
  • Two recessed areas on either side of the hull keep your tackle boxes secure and easy to reach
  • Flush mount rod holders and cup holders on both sides of the seat
  • A four-hole bolt pattern on the stern to support accessories such as the PowerPole and Torqeedo trolling motor mount adaptor
  • Our Flex Drive Mark IV (Patented) is the product of four years of constant evolution. The latest version of our Flex Drive is faster, quieter and more durable than ever before. Learn more about the Mark IV here >> User Manual for Flex Drive Mark IV >> 
  • Explore the new Mark IV Drive, here >>

The perfect combination of comfort, versatility and innovative design that will make adventures accessible for any water enthusiast.

Suggested Application

The Bite FD is versatile, suitable for both freshwater and saltwater adventures. It's ideal for exploring small lakes, ponds, calm rivers, and inshore saltwater environments, offering adaptability across a range of waterways.

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Warranty Information

This warranty applies to all Jackson Adventure products (kayaks, boats, coolers and kennels) and covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship in the hull and outfitting components sold new or as "demos". The warranty policy is subject to the exceptions lists. Review the full warranty list and details by clicking here.

3 Reviews

  • Jackson Bite FD

    Posted by Mitch on Jul 11th 2021

    I spent over $4000 on a yak and gear and wrote a stellar review and Jackson Adventures didn't post it. Not Cool!

  • Bite FD

    Posted by Hawk B on Jul 8th 2020

    Very nice boat. I have used a few other kayaks but this is my first kayak purchase. The boat is very sturdy. It has a lot of room. The pedal drive makes it very easy to move around and fish as well as just cruise up and down the water. I'm stoked to set this up in the near future for fishing.

  • Bite FD

    Posted by Crabby and Grouchy on Jun 28th 2020

    Jackson Kayak Bite FD- Two Thumbs Up from Crabby and Grouchy

    My wife and I purchased two Bite FD Kayaks and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. After many months of researching looking for a pedal kayak with all of the right features, reading and watching reviews, comparing the pros and cons of different brands and models, talking with kayak fishermen, Jackson Kayak introduced the 2020 Bite FD. We realized quickly that the Bite FD had the perfect mix of features for us. At this point we have logged about 18 hours pedaling and here is our early review:

    Flex Drive 3D: Wow! A slow steady turn of the pedals at pace you can keep up for hours and you really move across the water. Pedal backwards and go backwards. We actually feel sorry for the other kayakers working hard with their paddles. The unique pivoting lower unit makes it so easy to launch, beach, cross obstacles, and clear grass from the prop when needed - this unique feature by itself sets Jackson in a class by itself.

    Open-Concept: The Bite is completely sealed, no compartments, with plenty of bungee equipped external storage space. This was a key feature for us. Our Kayaks are often stored near the water and previous kayaks always got infested with spiders, ants and other unfriendly stowaways. With the Bite FD a quick visual check or at most a rinse or wipe and we are ready to go w/o tag-alongs.

    The seat: Its comfortable and adjustable so you can change it to match your activity. For example, I like to lean back a little while I pedal long distance and sit upright when fishing. We added the Thermorest lumbar pillow after a few outings and the pillow custom filled the little void so after a 3 hour adventure there is no discomfort at all. The seat is medium high which seems to be a good compromise and just right.

    Steering & Tracking: The steering system is solid and I like that you can use either hand. In fact, I usually hold both steering handles when just cruising as it is a comfortable way to position your hands and arms. The steering seemed backwards at first, opposite from a zero-turn mower, but after few outings it has become natural. There are a lot of factors that impact tracking including wind, current, loading, and balance. A small lean to the side will generate a slight course change. With this in mind on a calm early morning I aimed the kayak at the end of a pier a half mile away and started pedaling with my arms crossed and not touching the steering. With an occasional slight lean to one side or the other I passed within 5 feet of that pier. The rudder is simple to attach or remove and works well to steer and turn the kayak. You do need to build a little momentum before the steering will be effective.

    Molded in handles: These are secure and comfortable. My wife likes to use two hands on her end when lifting and carrying and this works well with these handles. The kayaks are heavy so think twice before planning to cartop them. We use a trailer and my wife struggles to lift and tilt her end into the rack which is much lower than a roof rack.

    Sound: There is a small grinding noise when pedaling. This has reduced over time, perhaps it required a break-in period. I have discussed this with friends with pedal kayaks from other brands and they say their kayaks also have a grinding noise. Note that all but the most careful paddling also makes noise and splashing as well. Overall while not completely stealthy I give the advantage to the pedals. The flex drive also works in the half-up position to pass through a particularly shallow area but there is additional prop noise.

    Track & Features: The Bite FD is not as tricked out as some of the other high-end fishing Kayaks but seems to have enough track, molded rod holders, plano box storage, and large bungee stowage areas to meet most needs. A milk crate with rod holders will fully trick it out. It is wide and stable but still seems to paddle well when you need to.

    Overall, after six outings my wife and I are thrilled with our Bite FDs and feel we could not have made a better kayak selection. Look for us out there- My kayak is named Callinectes (the crab) and my wife’s kayak is Ardea (the Heron – a very grouchy sounding bird).

    -Crabby and Grouchy

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