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Tupelo 12/12.5 Bungee & Cockpit Replacement Pads

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If you need replacement or back-up bungee, this kit includes nearly all sizes and lengths of bungee for the Jackson Tupelo 12 and 12.5 (71713). These bungee pieces outfit the gear compartments, paddle holders and most other functional attachments on the hull. This kit includes the items below:

  • (2) - J-Hook - 1168
  • (2) - Grey Ripstop Cockpit Pad - 91142
  • (8) - Pine Tree Rivet - 1866
  • (6) - Snap Rivet - Male & Female Set - 1857
  • (1) - 15" Terminal End - 52603
  • (1) - 54" 1/4" Bungee Black - 52244
  • (1) - 66" 1/4" Bungee Black - 52246

3 Reviews

  • thigh pads for Tupelo kayaks

    Posted by Mitch Lloyd on Apr 9th 2024

    The pads are great and my wife insists on them, My issue is that they seem to tear out at the mounting holes too easily or the clips pull through. I've had to replace several sets over the past four years and now keep spare sets on hand. Maybe bigger heads on the plastic holding clips would do better. Also, don't need/want the bungee replacements, used to be able to buy the pads and holding clips only for a lesser price.

  • Comes with no instructions.

    Posted by Lori Redder on Jun 24th 2022

    It’s exactly what I need. But There were no instructions on how replace the pads!

  • Attachments too short

    Posted by Andrea Lowry on Jul 9th 2021

    The plastic pieces to attach the bottom of the pads to the kayak are too short. They aren’t long enough to go through the pad, through the kayak, and into the receiver piece far enough to catch - multiple people have tried. The male pieces are much shorter than the pieces I took off the kayak to replace. Luckily, I was able to re-use four of them, but the other two were destroyed when removing (didn’t know I’d need them). I’m now heading into a four day river trip with two attachments missing and will contact Jackson when I return to see about getting longer pieces. It shouldn’t be this hard.

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