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Replacement Part Kits

PRO TIP: Can't find what you are looking for? Common standard parts not found on our website are readily available on Amazon or your local hardware store, usually with great pricing and quick shipping!

Nylon Bolt 10-24, Kit of 12


We know, we know. Those pesky little nylon bolts tend to walk away from your kayak when you take them out to install something new. Bad bolts! Nab a dozen of those mischievous bolts here.

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Short Strap Replacement Kit V3 (set of 2)


Need a replacement strap for your EZ Hi-Lo comfort seat? This is best strap solution for broken short straps on your Jackson Kayak fishing or rec seat. This is by far the strongest replacement strap and will hold up to pedaling and most abuse.

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Full Day Hatch Kit


Did you forget to twist the 6" hatch cover on the deck of your Take Two or Staxx, and now its blown away and gone forever? Fear not! Here's a replacement cover, rim, gasket, bag and hardware.

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Short Strap Replacement Kit V2 (set of 2)

$16.99 $9.99

Need a replacement strap for your EZ Hi-Lo comfort seat? This might be your solution. V2 Strap is not recommended for pedal drive kayaks, or anyone weighing over 160 lbs. If you require a more robust strap solution, please look at the V3 strap...

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Snap Rivet Set (x10)

$21.99 $16.99

Need to replace some outfitting on your kayak but don't have the snap rivets to get it done? This kit contains ten male/female snap rivets. You will need a rivet gun for installation.

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Handle Bolt-on Kit (4pk)


Handle Bolt-on Kit (4pk) Handles worn out on multiple boats in your quiver? Grab a 4 pack of our bolt on handles.  These will work with Staxx, Bite Series, Tripper 12, Big Rig series, Liska, and Yupik.  Does not include hardware...

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Drain Plug Flat Kit (4pk)


Drain Plug Flat Kit (4pk) Are you one of those paddlers who travels with a quiver of boats on your roof rack?  Do you stand all your boats up against a wall and spend more than 30 minutes among them deciding which to take this trip?  You need...

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BSB Standard Wheel & Pin Kit (2pk)


BSB Standard Wheel & Pin Kit (2pk) If you are anything like us, you are taking your Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler or 360 Pro out to some gnarly put ins to get to the best spots!  Don’t feel bad, we’ve lost wheels in our time as well...

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Rivet w/O-ring Set Kit (50pk)


Rivet w/O-ring Set Kit (50pk)  Running a Livery or Rental business?  Friends borrow your boats a lot and break rod holders and outfitting?  You’ll likely want to keep around a lot of rivets for repairs.  We got you covered with...

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