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PRO TIP: Can't find what you are looking for? Common standard parts not found on our website are readily available on Amazon or your local hardware store, usually with great pricing and quick shipping!

Elite Seat Cover 3.0


Need to replace the cover on your Jackson Kayak? This breatheable, padded seat cover will wrap around your existing frame and provide years of comfort.

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Seat Sliders Comfort Conversion V2 Kit


Want to upgrade your Big Rig HD/FD, Liska or MayFlyto our EZ Hi-Lo Sliding Seating System? With this slider kit, you will use your existing hardware to add these seat sliders so you can use the Comfort Seat in those models. With our EZ Hi-Lo Sliding Seat...

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Original Coosa Seat Frame and Cover


Do the seat frame and cover for your Original Coosa need a refresh? This complete seat cover and frame kit will have you back in the water in tip top shape in no time. Fits 2021 model and earlier. Not compatible with Coosa HD or Coosa FD models.

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Staxx Seat Pad Titanium/Black


Want to add a seat pad to a livery build Staxx? Has your Staxx seat pad seen better days and you'd like to replace it..? This is the solution. To apply, make sure the top of your deck is completely clean of dirt and debris (rubbing alcohol can help)...

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Comfort BACK Cover & Straps Kit


Comfort BACK Cover & Straps Kit The back of your comfort seat worn out while the bottom looks pristine?  This is the back and straps only.  Fits the seat for the Bite Series / Coosa HD / Coosa FD / YuPik / Kilroy HD / Big Rig HD/FD /...

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Comfort Seat Frame and Cover Kit


Need to replace your Comfort Seat? This Comfort Seat frame and cover kit will replace the seat and frame on your Bite series kayak. It is also the replacement frame and cover kit for the following kayaks, but you MUST purchase the V2 Seat Sliders Comfort...

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BSB Seat Post & Base Kit


BSB Seat Post & Base Kit Your post and base is just... worn out. I am not gonna ask how. That's your little secret. But don't worry, we can replace it for you with this discrete little kit. Includes: Seat Post Seat Base Detent...

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Comfort Seat Back & Bottom Cover Kit


Comfort Seat Back & Bottom Cover Kit Give that tired and worn-out seat a facelift!  Simply use this Back and Bottom cover kit with your existing seat frame to bring it back into shape. Fits the seat for only 2022 Bite Series / Coosa HD / Coosa...

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BSB Saddle Bag


Lost the clip in saddle bag for your Blue Sky? We got you covered. Here is a replacement bag. Sorry… all the lures you had in the old one don’t come with it…

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