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Rod Holders/Mounting Solutions

Zig-Zag Cleat


Cleat; Zig-Zag  It zigs, it zags, it holds your line stable without tying any knots!  The Zig-Zag cleat is a supremely useful little item that you can mount to your kayak as a point to secure lines for anchors, drift chains, or just about...

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This RAM product, composite standard double socket arm, has a socket at both ends that accommodates 1″ ball bases. A single spring inside the arm opens the end sockets, allowing you to pivot the ball and socket connection. This socket technology...

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YakGadget Bite Accessory Mounting Plate


While many of our kayaks feature the ‘four hole pattern’ on the stern to accommodate accessories, the Bite series does not, making mounting accessories a challenge at times. We’ve partnered up with YakGadget to create the Bite Series...

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YakGadget Transom Motor Mount XD


Want a quick and easy solution to add a trolling motor to your kayak? The YakGadget Transom Motor Mount XD can be easily installed and used to mount a trolling motor to your kayak. This works with any of our kayaks with the four hole pattern on the stern...

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RAM Roller Ball Paddle Clips


With the RAM® Roller-Ball™ Clip for tracks, easily secure your net, paddle, gaff hooks, stakeout / push poles, or BogaGrip®. Its three-point security design means there are always three points of tension keeping your net, paddle or other...

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Rivet & O-Ring Kit


Rivet & O-Ring Kit   Have some boat repairs to make?  Looking to install a day hatch or other aftermarket kit to your boat?  Pick up a 10 pack of our black Bulbex rivets and o rings for a water-tight seal.  Requires use of a...

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Tubing for Non-Rudder Ready Kit


Tubing for Non-Rudder Ready Kit Paddling a vintage Jackson Kayak?  Way to keep the dream alive!  Some of our older models didn’t come pre plumbed with tubing for our “Rudder Ready” kits.  If you are paddling a boat...

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YakAttack Full Backing Plate


The YakAttack FullBack GT90 / GTSL90 GearTrac Backing Plate makes your already durable GT90 series tracks all the more sturdy and wear-resistant. This plate can be attached on the backside of the GT90 track for increased stability and rigidity. Each...

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YakGear Zig Zag Anchor Cleat


Yak Gear Zig Zag Anchor Cleat Kit - The Zig Zag Acchor Cleat is a fast and easy way to tie off your boat with no knots needed. All kits come with all the necessary hardware for installation and easy to follow instructions. Includes: Stainless Steel...

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Park N Pole 6' Stakeout Pole


The YakAttack ParkNPole Stakeout Pole is a high-quality, lightweight push pole for your kayak. Can also be used as an anchoring system. Features include a strong fiberglass construction, a floating base, a foam no-slip handle, and a foot made of...

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BSB Rectangular Hatch Kit


We improved the seal on our hatch kits at the beginning of our 2020 season, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! This kit includes one flush mount hatch, flush hatch ring, rectangle flush hatch gasket and the 14 18-8 SS #12x1 screws...

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360 Pro Front Porch


Want to swap out the front porch on your Blue Sky Angler for the front porch with the reinforced metal plate front porch of the 360 Pro? Here's your chance to pick up a factory-installed aluminum moutning plate for use with bow mount trolling motors...

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