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Big Tuna Rudder Ready Kit


Ready to install a rudder on your Big Tuna to help improve tracking? We’re ready to offer you this solution! Comes with all hardware you’ll need to get your rudder installed and on the water. Installation Video:

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FD 3D Rudder Kit, Black


Our team spent months studying designs to further improve the on water experience for our customer. We modeled, printed and tested several profiles before finishing the distinctive elements of our 3D rudder. Our new rudder is injection molded glass...

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Liska Rudder Ready Kit


Liska Rudder Ready Kit Want to get some more fine-tuned control with your Liska?  We have the rudder ready kit right here.  This kit has everything you need to install your rudder and bracket onto your rudder ready Liska.  Also includes...

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Coosa FD/Cruise FD Steering Retrofit Kit


Steering Retro Kit COFD/CRFD The retrofit steering upgrade improves rudder control. The handles have been upgraded  to a larger knob making it a lot easier to hold and the linkage on the back is has been expanded outward giving you a wider throw on...

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