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35" Power Cable No Lugs

$88.99 $78.99

Need to replace the connecting cable from your Flex Drive E to your battery? This 35" cable is the one you are hunting. Includes two 1/4" insulated lugs and two 3/8" insulated lugs.

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Flex Drive 3D Maintenance Kit


Want to keep your Flex Drive 3D at the top of its game? This kit includes the recommended premium Finish Line Grease and grease gun to keep your Flex Drive 3D at peak performance, along with  Green Spider Coupling (latest generation coupling, works...

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Big Rig HD Convert to FD Pod Kit


Convert your Big Rig HD (paddle powered) to an FD (FlexDrive)! Six bolts are removed and this pedal pod is dropped in after the paddle pod is removed. Six bolts and washers are included. Flex Drive not included.  

FD 3D Rudder Kit, Black


Our team spent months studying designs to further improve the on water experience for our customer. We modeled, printed and tested several profiles before finishing the distinctive elements of our 3D rudder. Our new rudder is injection molded glass...

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Spider Coupling Flex Drive Kit (10pk)


Spider Coupling Flex Drive Kit (10pk) Never find yourself in need for a fresh Spider Coupling again!  Get this pack of ten Spider Couplings and just grab one out of the pile should the need arise.  Includes: (10x) Green FD Spider Couplings

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Flex Drive T-Bolt Wing Nut Kit (10 pk)


Flex Drive T-Bolt Wing Nut Kit (10 pk) You that angler that loses his FD T-Bolt all the time? Are you friends with that angler? We got a whopping pack of 10 so you never lose them again. Includes: (10x) T-Bolt, 1.5” (10x) Knob; Nylon Wing Nut

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FD Scupper Wedge


FD Scupper Wedge (set of two) Use these FD scupper wedges to fine align your prop’s positioning in the FD Scupper.  These can help if you find that your prop is scraping either side of the scupper cover in the fully retracted position...

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